Role of Superintendent

Critical Superintendent Functions

In fulfilling his/her role as educational leader of the district, the critical functions of the superintendent include the following:

Ensure that all students in the district receive  adequate academic programs and services, equitable treatment, and are served in a safe and healthy learning environment.

Manage the day-to day-operations of the district as its chief executive.

Draft and prepare recommendations for policies.

Oversee the implementation of board policies and the development of appropriate administrative regulations.

Provide educational leadership in the design and implementation of programs and services to accomplish the district goals.

Ensure the annual performance appraisal of staff.

Develop/maintain an effective process for recruiting, screening, selecting and assigning employees, and for handling grievances and termination procedures.

Prepare recommendations for employee compensation.

Recommend all staff appointments and terminations.

Prepare evaluation reports for the board regarding the educational program.

Maintain an effective districtwide communications system.

Develop and maintain a process for two-way communication with the community.

Prepare recommendations for the annual budget and tax rate necessary to finance approved programs and services.

Ensure proper fiscal control in day-to-day operations.

Ensure proper management of school property.

Manage and implement the district's long-range plan for site acquisition, facilities, and equipment to ensure an adequate learning environment for all students.